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I tend to attract independent, unconventional women who embrace vulnerabilities and who are keen to have a portrait session at a significant time in their life. 

It is something I believe every woman should do once in her life and whilst the thought of it may be daunting, the experience is comfortable and liberating. 

We come together to celebrate who your are and naturally show off your beauty. 

Because ladies, you are all magnifique!

I believe in the importance of celebrating who you are and more importantly how you feel about yourself. No matter the size of our bodies or the shape of our features, we all possess a kind, radiant beauty that only we can share with the world. 

Every female body is wonderfully different and I love to capture what is utterly unique and beautiful about their body. My ultimate goal with my “in private” session is to help women realize their natural beauty in a kind way free from judgment. 

I will show you another you, filled with kindness and a sweet eye to see yourself in a whole new light. 


"A moment of joy, intimacy and simplicity. Being proud of your body at 40 is to learn to continue loving yourself a little while growing up! That's how I felt when I undressed in front of Marie's camera."

"A moment of joy, intimacy and simplicity!"


The experience of this morning, honestly I did not think I could do it one day ... It was so good and I took full advantage of this unique moment. But, I was fine! So happy to live this moment! Finally I tell myself that I'm not so bad. It was really worth it because seeing me like that in the photos, feeling and saying to me this is nice and I love it and I find myself beautiful it feels really good, and I see myself differently now, I don't know how to explain that but there is something that has changed, I don't know what else but I know that I feel great and that I have more self-confidence

Many thanks Marie for giving me the opportunity to live this moment which will remain in my memory forever.

"It was really worth it!"